About Me

I am a senior B.Sc. student at Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), majoring in Computer Engineering. My primary research interests include Computer Vision, 3D Vision, and their applications in robotics and self-driving cars. My interests also lie in the area of Natural Language Processing, specifically the interplay between Language and Vision. During my undergraduate studies, I have enjoyed working with Prof. Vincent Lepetit (TU Graz, May 2021), Prof. Mohammad Taher Pilehvar (TeIAS, May 2020), and Prof. Sauleh Eetemadi (IUST, February 2021) on various projects.


  • Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision (ICG), Graz, Austria

Research Intern Under the Supervision of Prof. Vincent Lepetit

May 2021 - Present

In May 2021, I joined ICG, TU Graz as a research intern, supervised by Prof. Vincent Lepetit. ICG is a prestigious institution that publishes many papers in top-tier Computer Vision conferences such as CVPR and ICCV every year. 3D Vision, particularly planar scene reconstruction, has always been a hot research area as it has various applications in many areas such as Augmented Reality. In this project, we aim to develop a novel method for high-precision 3D planar scene reconstruction.

  • Tehran Institute for Advanced Studies (TeIAS), Tehran, Iran

Research Assistant Under the Supervision of Prof. Eetemadi, Prof. Pilehvar

February 2021 - Present

In February 2021, I started working on a research project at TeIAS under the joint supervision of Prof. Pilehvar and Prof. Eetemadi. Contemporary state-of-the-art language models, such as BERT and GPT-3, have a massive number of trainable parameters, resulting in lower inference time and large memory footprints. Recent research has proved model compression methods to be effective. This project aims to tackle this problem and design a compression algorithm that results in a model that jointly benefits parameter efficiency and low latency during inference time.

  • NLP Reading Group, Tehran Institute for Advanced Studies (TeIAS), Tehran, Iran

Research Intern Under the Supervision of Prof. Mohammad Taher Pilehvar

May 2020 - April 2021

In May 2020, I joined Prof. Pilehvar's NLP reading group. The main objective of this group was to gain intuition about how to carry out research, mainly around NLP and Machine Learning (particularly Deep Learning). Our tasks included reading papers and writing summaries, and discussing ideas. We also initiated a website that aims at listing datasets and tools for research and development in Farsi NLP.

  • Dadmatech, Tehran, Iran

Natural Language Processing Intern

September 2020 - December 2020

Between September and December 2020, I was an intern at Dadmatech, A large start-up that develops AI-based text processing tools for Farsi text. Informal Farsi was formed, over a long time, when people started changing words and verbs while talking, and it gradually found its way to Farsi text as well. As a result, there are no rules to convert an informal Farsi text to a standard text. During my time at Dadmatech, I worked on developing a neural-based solution to convert informal Farsi text to normal text.

Iran University of Science and Technology
Teaching Assistant

Some of my experiences as a teaching assistant:


Iran University of Science and Technology
B.Sc. in Computer Engineering
2017 - 2022 (Expected)
  • Relevant coursework:
    • On campus: Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Computational Intelligence, Signals and Systems, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Engineering Probability and Statistics, Research Method and Presentation
    • Online: Build Basic GANs, Deep Learning Specialization, Convolutional Neural Networks, Sequence Models, Algorithms on Graphs, Algorithms on Strings
Shahid Ejei 1 High School
Diploma in Mathematics and Physics
2013 - 2017